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Shopping in Hyères for Watercolors - Aquarelles d'Hyères

Poster for the exhibition of watercolors of Hyères

During the month of May come discover the watercolors of Hyères by Angie Brooksby.

Meet her and other local artists and illustrators for a session of #urbansketchers on Saturdays from 12:30 to 2pm in Place Massillon. Each session people from all over have joined from as far away as Brisbane, Australia. Follow the local group Urban Sketchers Hyères.

My tips for travellers to Hyères

Art Shopping in Hyères

Come to the Nouvelle Galerie Massillon. We have large format paintings. Oil paintings, watercolors. XXL paintings and sculpture.

Thee inside of the Nouvelle Galerie Massillon in Hyères

What to visit in Hyères ?

The collegiale de Saint Paul

The Saint-Paul church is a former collegiate church in Hyères,

According to legends about the Templars Knights, after the destruction of the Order of the Temple in 1312, their property was given to the Knights from the order Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem; the legend says Templar treasure is hidden beneath the Saint-Paul collegiate church

A permanent exhibition of 432 ex-votos cover the North wall.

When you exit the church, make sure to stop at Vola Cafe for a drink. Some people define it as the literary cafe of Hyères.

Take a guided tour of the historical town of Hyères. There's over 2000 years of history to absorb. You can book at the tourism office.

Where to eat in Hyères ?

La Maison de Mamie

Mamie recently moved to 28 rue Massillon, right next to the gallery. She offers home style cooking for great prices. If you can get a table you'll spend half of what you would in most other restaurants in town. Her portions are abundant and the food is fresh. She's full of joy and kindneess. Her homemade fries with pepper sauce is addictive. I don't know how she does it but the sauce opens your palette like no other I've eaten. Oh la la!


The Nouvelle Galerie Massillon

26 rue Massillon

83400 Hyères

May Hours

Tuesday to Saturday 9:30- 12:30 and 2pm to 7pm

shopping in Hyères

private viewing upon request. tel : FR + 33 637546625

credit cards accepted

international shipping in professionally made custom crates.

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