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Since 2023 Fine Art Gallery for Contemporary Artists

One of the most visited art galleries on the French Riviera. 

Exhibitions 2023


Axel Champloy

un aquarelliste à Port-Cros

du 18 décembre 2023 à 5 janvier 2024

Axel Champloy
Un Aquarelliste à Port-Cros
18 decembre - 5 janvier 

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Contemporary Paris

Expo à l'affiche

Currently showing


C'est Noël

 55 œuvres vendus en
3 jours! - 55 artworks sold in 3 days

7 artistes exposent 30 petits formats chacun

pendant 3 jours - 1, 2, 3 Decembre

Vernissage Vendredi 1 Décembre à 19h30

  • Angie BROOKSBY

  • Brigitte DRAVET 

  • Alexandre SAC 

  • Daniel GIACCHI 



  • Sylvie De LAFUENTE

Petits-formats parfaits pour le les cadeaux de Noël et les fêtes. 
Suivez les artists sur #noelgaleriemassillon

Vernissage 1 Décembre 19h30

Passed exhibitions / Expos Passés



19-Octobre -27 Novembre

A remake from the exhibition in the Espace Nature at the Vieux Salins, Brooksby exhibits her oil paintings and watercolours selected from two years of painting on the Salt Flats of Hyères


Françoise Salon

9-15 Octobre

Influenced by her father, Lucien Dondaine, Françoise Salon creates paintings and sculptures in figurative graphic style. 


Angie Brooksby-Arcangioli

28 August - 8 October

Paintings of a lifetime: Paris, Tuscany, New York, Amsterdam, Cologne, French Riviera

14 - 27 Août 2023

Opening Thursday 17 August at 7pm 
Sylvie's artistic work is based on the myths of civilisations. She travels to discover cultural treasures and fables then incorporates these into each series. She participates in international art fairs. The Art3F and Sm'Art. 


Angie Brooksby-Arcangioli

2-13 August

Sea Vessels  

Inspired by the metallic light of the Mediterranean Sea. A poetic series gilded oil on canvas.


 Dan Qing 

1 Août - seulement une journée  /One day only

Une exposition de peintures traditionnelles chinoises inspirée par le parcours de Van Gogh dans le sud de la France. Dan Qing et ses élèves exposent les peintures qu'ils ont réalisées au cours de ce voyage qui n'en est qu'à sa moitié.

Renconter les artists à 12h30
Meet the artists


Eleni Pappa Tsantilis

24 - 30 July

VERNISSAGE Le 27 Juillet à 18h30

Whether it is painting or ceramics, gesture, emotion and material reflect Eleni’s artistic approach.

She emphasizes personal expression, emotional intensity, and the manipulation of different



 Marie Winter Victor 

 16 -23 Juillet 2023

Marie Winter Victor is a professional illustrator whose work has been published in many volumes by the editor Bayard. Her love for plein air painting began during her voyages to exotic lands.

Port de Bormes 61x50cm.jpg

  Daneil Giacchi 

10 - 15 Juillet 2023

Daniel Giacchi is a musician and painter. His semi abstract seascapes and landscapes of the French Riviera are filled with intricrate rhythms. We can feel the jazz on the canvas. He sells on ArtMajeur

Deséquilibre et tourbillons.jpg

Eloise de Susanne

2 - 9 Juillet 2023

Eloise de Susanne is Angie's favorite artist of the Season. Her unique artworks seem to come from a different universe. Rich experiences in the Parisian Rue de Rivoli art squat, and her travels in Australia unravel through her canvases. She exhibited at the prestigious Foundation Taylor.



25 Juin  -2 Juillet 2023

MANGOT is inspired by the power of a glance, the vibration of colors, and light. She aims for the essence and beauty of the human soul, while feeding her art with her exploration of spirituality. Find her on Art Majeur. 


  Sylvie Mary  

19-25June  2023

Le travail de Sylvie Mary est toujours résolument abstrait et non narratif.

Son travail vise à mettre en rapport objectivité et subjectivité grâce à l'utilisation de

pochoirs ou composants modulaires.


Llopiz  & Detalle

11-18 Juin

Mere et Fille exposent ensemble

1-30 May 2023

A selection of paintings from the signature series

Contemporary Paris by Angie Brooksby. 

Angie's paintings are currently available with

Carré d'Artistes in Marseilles & Strasbourg,

She is one of the top 5% artists on Singulart.

Passed exhibitions. Les expos déjà faits

This is what you missed this year...


  Hyères et Ses Environs  

22-30 April  2023 

Paintings done on site in Hyères and it's surroundings by Angie Brooksby-Arcangioli

Paintings were sold to Germany and the USA


Come Visit

Monday to  Friday: 10am-12:30pm  and 2pm - 7pm
Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Sunday: occasionally open
Winter hours may vary



Art is the mirror of the soul.



26 rue Massillon, 83400 Hyères

+33 0637546625

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