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Sculptures by Alessandro Reggioli

What's new at La Nouvelle Galerie Massillon?

Scupltures by the renown Italian artist Alessandro Reggioli. During one of his many solo exhibitions his monumental Safety Heart Armour was the centrepiece in the Roman Amphitheatre in Archaeological Museum of Fiesole, Italy. It's uncommon to have a solo exhibition in a museum and even more unusual to put a 700 kilo heart of bronze on a Roman stage. Read about it here: Museo Archeological di Fiesole

Sculptures Safety Heart Armor by Alessandro Reggioli
700 kilo Heart sculpture by Alessandro Reggioli

Alessandro works in series. The hearts began in Florence during a show that I hosted in my gallery a walk down from the Bargello Museum. It's an honour to work with him again, in my gallery in Hyères. This is a bronze piece the, Mercurio's Winged Foot.

Sculptures winged Mercurio foot by Alessandro Reggioli
Bronze sculpture by Alessandro Reggioli

The Winged feet come in two sizes. There is also a baby foot. Alessandro has had a thing for wings. He did an entire series about airplanes. It's called Fly. See his auction results on Artnet

To finish his sculptures, he built his own raku oven. Here are the raku Winged Mercurio Feet.


My tips for March travellers

What to visit in Hyères

Currently there is an exhibition at villa Noailles, Jacques Rougerie, Habiter avec la mer . But definitely take a guided tour of the historical town. There's over 1000 years of history to absorb. You can book at the tourism office.

Where to ice cream in Hyères

Ice Mama. It's on rue Massillon. Try the black sesame, or the banana caramel.

Where to shop in Hyères

This town has lovely local shops and an art walk. There are no international franchises except for McDonalds. These days it's rare to find a town with only local shops. The most interesting shops are on the Parcours des Arts.

Sculptures in Hyères

by Alessandro Reggioli

The Nouvelle Galerie Massillon

26 rue Massillon

83400 Hyères

March hours

Tuesday to Saturday 10- 18h (pause for lunch in the middle)

private viewing upon request. tel : FR + 33 637546625

credit cards accepted

international shipping in professionally made custom crates.


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